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    Hello everyone!

    I would like to update you all on the changes we made in the past week to improve our Sky Factory 3 server. We did a lot of testing over the past few days to work out bugs related to the new features being added to islands. The most recent island update added /is invite, /is kick, /is leave, /is promote, and /is demote to make it easier for players to manage their islands and play with friends. There were also a few changes made to give admins more control over island settings, along with a rework of /is list to make it easier to see which islands you have access to.

    The new island list will show islands with different prefixes in front of them, depending on what permissions you have on that island. Islands marked with a "U" are unlocked and accessible to the public, but guests are not allowed to break/place blocks, access inventories, or modify the island in any way. Islands marked by "O", "M", or "T" indicate that you are either an Owner, Manager, or Trusted member of the island. Owners have full access and the ability to promote/demote members, Managers can invite new members, and Trusted members have full building access (including access to inventories).

    This week also included several minor performance improvements, which should help improve server stability. These adjustments have also fixed prior issues on certain islands where entities were unable to spawn or have been known to freeze in place (becoming completely non-responsive) while the server is running normally.

    Last but not least, we have finally fixed several issues we were having with the Nether, including occasional freezes/crashes that were caused by traveling between dimensions and an issue where players would randomly get stuck floating in the middle of nowhere after traveling back from the nether. With all of these issues fixed, we have opened the Nether to the public once more. This means that you will no longer be required to use /warp shop to get nether-specific items but we're still going to keep it around for players who would like to get some of those items earlier on and for those who may choose to avoid the nether completely. We also plan to expand the shop in the near future to include other commonly used items and items which may be difficult to obtain through normal game play.

    We hope you're all enjoying your time here and hope you choose to stick around and make this place your home. Please let us know if you think there's anything we can do to improve your experience. We're always looking for more ways to improve our servers and help players feel welcome in our community.

    Frostbyte Gaming Staff Team
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